4 Infallible Ways to Make Your Computer Run Like New

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When you bought a new PC, you were as happy with its speed as performing multiple tasks was a piece of cake. But as time passed by, things have changed and your PC gets slow. Doesn’t this sound familiar? If you are one of those experiencing slow PC issue and want to improve your PC performance, you’ve come to the right place.

The whole world has turned digital with computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices and paying no heed can bring your life to halt without prior notice. Digital clutter is always menacing. Don’t turn a blind eye to your digital disarray and give your devices an annual check up with the following smart tips.

Five-minute solution

If you are deprived of time and are looking for a quick solution, here is one! Clean your system’s desktop as it is not a storage area. Organize various files and feel overwhelmed. Next, empty your trash or recycle bin by deleting unnecessary documents and folders. Our system is flooded with software and programs. If you haven’t used a program within the last year, better delete it from your PC. Don’t forget to assess each one individually ensuring unimportant programs don’t bloat your computer.

Restrict the photo limit

Since the advent of smartphone, taking selfies and pictures have become common. This chokes your PC to death. Every photograph takes approximately 3.5MB of space whether stored on your PC or over the cloud.

It is recommended to keep only the best ones. Whether you use Google’s Photo or Apple’s iPhoto, don’t forget to use facial recognition and GPS location data as this makes them easily searchable.  Keep your photos shipshape by saving the best shots and your favorite memories. This helps you organize your photos in an easy-to-find album making it a great physical keepsake.

Delete temporary files

Without your knowledge, your PC creates temporary files every single day. They can be cache files, browser history files and others that help programs in running faster. Temporary files take up a lot of space on your computer’s hard drive. As more and more space is occupied, your PC starts to slow down. Drives that are over 85% full begin to cause system errors. Thus, it is recommended that delete temporary files from your system to increase computer performance.

Tune it up

If you feel your system is a glitch, it’s high time to tune it up. While all the aforementioned points are time killing, you can choose the option of downloading a system booster which works best on every system. This way, you can boost PC performance, delete unwanted data, remove viruses, and recover files with software that promises to enhance the speed of your system. Whatever your specific issues are, it is advised not to stay behind as the situation may get worse anytime. Whether you optimize your system on your own or let a reliable software perform the task for you, just make sure you are taking care of your computer’s heath periodically to make it super fast.